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Scheduling demands for the modern woman has made being stylish more difficult than ever.  Can you relate? Women have been buckling under this pressure for years. They deal with ill fitting clothes, mix matched wardrobes and daily stress trying to pick out one outfit that will make them look good.

Don’t you want to wear clothes that make you feel confident and poised?

Wouldn’t you want to know that everything in your wardrobe is perfectly suited for you and will make you look radiant every time you wear it?

That’s every woman’s dream!

So how does one bridge the gap between great style & limited time due to the responsibilities of daily life?

DI10 helps women resolve this issue by providing a 2-fold solution.

  1. Style education

Style is a reflection of one’s tastes, personality, goals, etc. It can be unique to every woman since every woman possess their own unique beauty. Sadly too many women settle for trying to look like someone else instead of embracing and cultivating their own style.  Here at Dressed In 10 we can to provide you with endless style information that will help you express and develop your unique beauty. I teach you what works for your body! That’s everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Through the development of your own DI10 S.T.Y.L.E. Formula you will be equipped with the knowledge of your personal style as it pertains to styles, colors and types of clothing that best suits you.


  1. Style management

I will teach you how to create your own unique wardrobe and maintain it with minimal effort. You’ll know exactly the type of clothes that belong in it and those that don’t!

If you’re ready to rid yourself of style frustration then I’m more than eager to work with you! Don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE 30 minute Style Consultation with me. Remember you’re worth it. Your image, confidence and peace of mind are all worth it.

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