About Victoria


Hi my name is Victoria and I’m OBSESSED with making women look BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am a Style Coach and Educator as well as an Expert Sewer . I KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR WOMEN’S BODIES!  As a professional seamstress I’ve custom fitted hundreds of women over the years which has transformed into a passion to personally style them as well.  I want to use my more than 13 years of experience and expertise to help you overcome all of your style challenges! My mission in life is to change the way YOU SEE YOURSELF!

The Biggest struggle I understand with the working woman today is TIME and Personalized Style Knowledge!!!

Research shows that women bear the most difficulty in balancing life and personal responsibilities even more so then men. Trust me I understand that all too well.  I am also a Wife and Mother, have extracurricular activities and charity work. I understand the demands of a busy schedule.  For years I’ve had my own struggles trying to juggle it all. It seems like now I rarely have a whole lot of time to invest in getting ready. These time constraints throughout the years have helped me to create a formula, the DI10 S.T.Y.L.E. formula that will help any woman look fabulous even when she one only has 10 minutes to get ready! As a result Dressedin10.com was born as well as my Personal Styling and Shopping services.

I believe EVERY woman deserves to look and feel radiantly beautiful no matter how limited her time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22? We all possess a distinct and perfect beauty that’s all our own! Your exterior should adequately reflect your beautiful soul! My greatest hope is that you will discover yourself in new ways and this site will inspire and ignite you to be the very best version of YOU!  Beauty isn’t perfection—it’s uniqueness!

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