My Pretty is Perfect— A TShirt with a POWERFUL message!

A few years ago Dove conducted a study in which they interviewed around 6,400 women from 5 large metropolitan cities around the world. They asked each women if they would use the word “beautiful” to describe themselves.  96% of women of women said no and didn’t consider themselves to be beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I was shocked by those statistics. That means only 4% of those women considered themselves beautiful! That number is FAR TOO LOW! I find that this problem stems from a much larger issue. Women have been duped into comparing themselves with other women instead of embracing their own unique beauty. Well we want to help fight against this wrong thinking! Women should never be compared since we all come with our own unique kind of pretty! Our “My Pretty is Perfect” Tshirt helps reinforce that message. Won’t you join the MPIP movement? The sooner you begin sharing this message the better. Get your tshirt HERE

                                                   (The lovely Mrs. Trina is proudly spreading the message of self love and acceptance. She is wearing a size medium)

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